These are things that are important, but don’t currently have a sane place to go. So they are here for you to check out and for me to make sure I don’t lose track of.

Various URLS

We separate many aspects of ethers.io across multiple domain names to protect localStorage instances and to prevent the comprimise of any SSL certificates from breaking the entire system.

Main entry point for production ethers.io; via AWS CloudFront.
Main entry point for testnet ethers.io; via AWS CloudFront (same origin as ethers.io; the application uses its url to decide which backend to hit).
The Content Delivery Network (CDN) that ethers uses to host scripts and static files.
The (current) web service backend for storing and validating contracts, deployments and slugs as well as the testnet faucet.
<ethereum address>.ethers.space
The static page system; ensures each application can have its own sandbox (localStorage, etc).