What is Ethers?ΒΆ

Ethers is an collection of Libraries, Web Tools, Command-Line Utilities and Server Components to assist in the development, deployment, hosting and sharing of Ethereum applications.

Ethers Wallet Container is an Ethereum Wallet and dApp browser which securely keeps Ethereum private keys stored and managed entirely client-side, while allowing arbitrary dApps to interact with it from a sandboxed environment. The Ethers Wallet Container does not require any plug-in, supports all modern browsers and enables sharing and bookmarking dApps as standard URLs.

The Ethers App Library is JavaScript library allows developers to easily add support for dApps by detecting which Ethereum container is available and setting up both, a Web3 instance and the Ethers API. Supports any injected Web3 environment (MetaMask, Mist, Ethers Wallet, Cipher Browser, etc.) the Ethers Wallet Container and if no signing container is found, will create a read-only connection to the Ethereum network.

The code is open source under the MIT license and available on GitHub.